The overheard



Composers, sound artists and researchers

Morten Riis & Marie Højlund

Morten Riis & Marie Højlund, photo by Agnete Seerup

Morten Riis & Marie Højlund, photo by Agnete Seerup

We work at the boundaries of artistic practice and theoretical research. Work that until now have resulted in several publications within high-profile international academic journals, and artistic activities across Europe. We work with multisensory sound installations, composition in interdisciplinary settings and practice based research into sound as experience and sound as knowledge.

We are interested in developing alternative understandings (inspired by contemporary object oriented philosophy) of what constitutes sound, media and participation. A development that results in a questioning of the traditional boundaries between background and foreground, inside and outside, natural and unnatural, ultimately resulting in an awareness and stageing of our often overheard everyday magic.

We have been engaged in developing novel sound technologies for alternative listening situations, hacking and modifying existing electronic devices and designing sound environments for various public spaces and hospitals.

Furthermore we have organised several international academic conferences, acted as editors of journals and successfully fundraised large scale academic and artistic projects. We are both active in a number of boards, NGOs and as consultants and speakers.