The overheard

Sound sculptures from The Overheard (2017)

Six outdoor sound sculptures placed around the Central Denmark Region

Marie Højlund & Morten Riis

4140 Voices

Mindesmærket in The Memorial Park, Aarhus

1st July – 24st September 2017

The sound piece 4140 Voices is a composition written especially for the memorial monument at Mindeparken, Aarhus. The material is based on recordings of citizens of Aarhus reciting the names of the 4140 Danish soldiers who fell during the First World War. These names are engraved in the stone walls of the memorial monument. Through the composition of voices a new sensory connection is created between the present day inhabitants of Aarhus and their history. Reciting creates a vibratory sensibility that enables the audience to relate in a bodily manner to the names engraved in the limestone. The names become more than mere letters when they are activated through sound; they become bodies again and create a special experience due to the extraordinary acoustics within the memorial monument.

***** From the paper Aarhus Stiftidende: “Although it is almost 100 years since the soldiers fell, a war memorial is still a sensitive place to expose to an artistic intervention, but "4140 Voices" is s discreet intervention and works well without forcing violence on the special atmosphere of the place. On the contrary, the place is activated and thus makes the memory of the deceased all the more present.”



Rå Hal, Godsbanen, Aarhus

1st March - 30th March 2017

The internationally acclaimed Swiss artist, Zimoun, transforms everyday materials and objects into installations, defining the space, sound and atmosphere of the beholder’s experience. His work questions our conceptualization of noise through a staging of new ways of listening to well-known pieces of apparatus and objects. This installation is one of his largest to date, and made specifically for Rå Hal at Godsbanen, Aarhus. The installation is made of 2030 cardboard boxes 35x35x35 cm, 435 dc-motors and 750 meters aluminium rope.



Indelukket Silkeborg,

7th April 2017 - permanent

Estonian artist Birgit Õigus creates custom-built forest megaphones that function as acoustic amplifiers for the well-known sounds you experience when in the woods. The audience is invited to inhabit the megaphones and listen with enhanced ears to the multitude of sonic richness provided in nature. The installation is created in collaboration with the Municipality of Silkeborg and Silkeborg tekniskskole.



Mønsted Kalkgruber, Viborg.

20th May – 15th August 2017

The sound sculpture “Gravitational Vibrations” is built around a steel resonance construction standing on four legs. The sculpture contains a set of electromagnetic coils that cause the strings to vibrate and create sounds. Another system consisting of servomotors strikes the strings with a more percussive effect. The two systems form the foundation for a sound composition that resonates within the cavernous space and uses the unique acoustic character of the limestone caves. The sculpture is built in collaboration with Mønsted Kalkgruber.




Gimsinghoved Art and Cultural center, Struer.

2nd June 2017– permanent

Wind & Water is a sound sculpture consisting of 12 resonating pipes that together constitutes 12 tones capable of producing melodies through air pressure and water. Frode Gundorf Nielsen works with elementary sounds created by mixing air and water, through which unexpected sonic experiences is created. The installation is created in collaboration with Struer City of Sound and Gimsinghoved Art and Cultural Centre.



The old water tower at Lund, Horsens. 4th August – 1st November 2017

The sound sculpture consists of 54 automated music boxes on coloured, transparent acrylic panels, placed in random angles along the walls of the stairwell. While climbing the stairs to reach the viewing platform, visitors will find themselves wrapped in colour, light and a porous, slightly dissonant soundscape from the mechanics of the music boxes. Tower Music is a sound sculpture intended to support the architect’s adventurous vision with the medieval castle-like tower design and invites the public to enjoy the tower and the fabulous view of Horsens hinterland, fjord and city for the first time in many years. The installation is created in collaboration with the Municipality of Horsens.


People were able to mix the live streamed sound from the sound sculptures throughout 2017. The audio satellites are developed by us and CAVI.

Read about it here

And live concerts with bands and ensembles that incorporate the streamed soundscape into their songs and compositions, including Cancer, Jakob Bro & Mike Sheridan, Xenia Xamanek, Simon Christensen, Sebastian Edin, Silkeborg Koret, Aksel Striim, Søren Sol Koldsen-Zederkof og Nikolaj Rosengreen Pedersen


Throughout 2017 The Overheard has gained tremendous media attention in both national and international printed and online press, international television, blogs, Danish national radio and podcasts. For a detailed list see here

All photos by Olaf Zhiga and Malte Riis

The Overheard (2017) was made in collaboration and with support from Aarhus University, CAVI, Fonden 2017, Swiss Arts Council Prohelvetia, Statens Kunstfond, Dansk Komponist Forenings Produktionspulje & KODA´s Kulturelle Midler, Kulturarrangementspuljen Aarhus Kommune, Poul Johansen Fonden, Smurfit Kappa, Stibo, Brüel og Kjær, RIAS, Loxam A/S, Horsens Rengøring, UC Syd, Dansk Lyd, Radar, SNYK, Aarhus Kommune, Godsbanen, Struer Lydens By, Struer Tracks, Gimsinghoved kunst- og kulturcenter, Silkeborg Kommune, Kedelhuset, Teknisk Skole Silkeborg, Horsens Kommune, Mønsted Kalkgruber, Mars, Rias.