The overheard

Nephew vs. Overheard (2018)


A wind turbine's wings rotate with the wind and the seasons. It cuts through the morning mist, the snow-filled night sky, the rainy afternoon breeze and the windless midday sun. The wind turbine's dynamic rotations follow the changing seasons - it changes and follows the time and the course of life. The windmill stands there as a fixed point and still in constant change - as something that will always move forward, but always return home.

Throughout 2018 everybody was invited to follow one of the world's largest offshore wind turbines live on a webpage. Here you could listen 24/7 to the 240 meter tall giant whose massive wings cut through the wind. The soundscape from the windmill was mixed in real time with Nephew's new songs stretched by the rhythm of the wings rotation - on quiet days a very elongated affair where even the shortest stroke on the snare drum was stretched to last several seconds. Other days you could sense the songs' melody and text - all controlled by the giant's calm pulse. The songs therefore always sounded different as they follow the changes of the wind, the seasons and life.

The project was created by The Overheard and Nephew in collaboration with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, CAVI and Audiodesign at Aarhus University, DTU Wind Energy, Thisted Municipality, Daniel Rothmann and

Nephew is one of Denmark's largest bands that for 20 years has released a lot of albums, won a myriad of prizes and always tried to expand the boundaries of what a rock band can and should.