The overheard

Norns (2016)

The title NORNS comes from Norse mythology and refers to the three Fates named Ur, Verdande and Skuld. The Norns live under Yggdrasil, the tree of the world, where they weave the thread of life of the humans.

Architecture, fashion and light meet at Utzon Center. NORNS is a special exhibition at the Utzon Center, Aalborg. The unique architecture of the Utzon Center has been especially considered for this exhibition. Like the roots of a tree, the arch of the ceiling at the Utzon Center stretches up toward a natural opening of light 10 meters above floor level. It is in this room that the visitors are presented with 4 primary installations, created within the field of textiles (Beck), atmosphere (Kinch), Sound (Riis & Højlund) and lighting (Ramos).

Behind the project is textile-artist and owner of Beck Textiles; Annemette Beck (DK), architect, Ph.d. in Atmospheric design at Beck Textiles; Sofie Kinch (DK) and leading architect and author at L'Observatoire International, Cecilia Ramos (NY). Beck Textiles designs and hand-weaves interior textiles for fashion houses including Chanel, Christian Dior and Armani. L'Observatoire International is renowned for light design and cooperates with museums such as the Guggenheim, Fondation Louis Vuitton and The Metropolitan Museum among others.